It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (Sept) and I’m choosing to support World Child Cancer ( in celebration and in honor of my cousin (in-law) Beth.  I get asked to support many causes, and my heart is always spinning with empathy and compassion.   But, I have bias for organizations that have a clear mission, strong strategy and plan, and an engaged stakeholder community.   And, that is World Child Cancer (WCC) in a nutshell.

Before I tell you about Beth, let me tell you about WCC.  They support hospitals in the developing world (Mexico, Cameroon, Ghana, etc.) and help them build capacity so they can help kids with cancer.  While 80% of kids with cancer live in poor countries, it’s appalling how little chance of survival they have there (10% vs 80% in the US).   And, that can change quickly through easy and cost-effective tactics like staff training, parent education, and even just basic things like ensuring the kids have enough food and medicine.  

This year, Beth developed cancer and had to have a bone marrow transplant to save her life.  I was one of her caregivers, and in spite of her care being possibly the best in the world, it was heart wrenching and downright scary for her and her caregivers as she was forced to spend 9 months away from home getting treatment.   I personally felt helpless against her illness and frustrated that I couldn’t do more.   (She is recovering well and is back home – thank God).    As I think about this experience, I can’t help but think about what a mom/aunt/sister/cousin must feel if they live in a poor country and there is no housing during treatment, a shortage of nurses, limited antibiotics and painkillers, and maybe even not a bed in the hospital for them during treatment.

So, in honor of my cousin Beth, I’m helping a child with cancer by helping World Child Cancer raise $20,000 to fund a new cancer ward in SE Mexico.   Please consider changing the outcome for a child with cancer, by contributing at

If you want to get involved with World Child Cancer (, or any other nonprofit, reach out to me.  I’d love to help you be the difference for someone.