In my role of interim CEO at Food Bank of the Rockies, I’ve gotten to meet many families, children and seniors who need a little help when their cupboards are bare.   Recently, I’ve become acquainted with a veteran of the Vietnam War who comes in once a month for help.

He always comes fully dressed in his military uniform, even though he left the service almost 45 years ago.   He also insists on showing his VA ID even though it is not required to get food.  I asked him about this and was moved by his response, “I served my country and I’m a proud man.  I just need a little help right now.”  

With every client I meet, I can’t help but feel emotions welling up as I ponder how a country as rich as ours can leave so many people behind and not able to eat.  But, seeing a veteran left behind chills me to the bone. Every time any of us has the opportunity to help a veteran, we are thanking our veterans for helping all of us have the opportunity to enjoy our freedoms.

And this Veterans Day I honor all of our veterans by making sure everyone has enough to eat.   Support your local food bank!